Engineered for stealth, functionality, convenience, and quality, vaporizers are personal devices that offer a better alternative to smoking.These battery-powered, handheld devices feature their own heating systems. This enables them to reach specific temperatures, allowing for more precision than smoking. A heating element, generally made of an inert material like ceramic or quartz, vaporizes material without making smoke.By pinpointing temperatures beneath the point of combustion, these units extract with efficiency the active compounds found in dry herb, wax, and oil without adding harmful irritants. The result is more flavorful, potent, and smoother than smoke.Pocket-friendly yet powerful, a vaporizer can be carried anywhere, enabling you to enjoy your favorite materials in a discreet, convenient, and satisfying manner.


With a variety of vaporizers available, finding the right one can be challenging. You can start by deciding which type best accommodates your lifestyle, whether it's portable, vape pen, or desktop. Each type offers its own unique perks in regards to battery life, controls, material compatibility, design, heating, airpath, and more. Whether you partake at home or on-the-go, there's a style for you. Knowing what you want, and which type of vaporizer provides it, is essential to enjoying the best vaping experience. With three types to choose from, you can narrow down your choice. From there, you can decide which specific model within that category is perfect for your lifestyle.


Slender, lightweight, and pocket-friendly, vape pens are the go-to device for those who live on-the-go. Generally designed for wax and liquid concentrates, these compact yet powerful vaporizers feature atomizers that extract intense flavors and effects in seconds.The vape pen is the most discreet type of vaporizer. No longer than 5" and thin like an office pen, they're easy to conceal. Not only will these stealthy devices hide in your pocket, they can be hidden in your grip as you vape. Rapid heating enables quick hits in short windows of opportunity. If you want to keep your vaping underwraps, you can swiftly take a rip while no one is looking.

Simple in design, vape pens are usually easier to use than other types of devices. Generally featuring a single button control, they can deliver vapor in under 30 seconds. Most units are powered on with 5 rapid clicks of the button, while 3 clicks toggles to the next temperature setting. Some vaporizer pens only feature one temp setting, while others boast up to 5. Vape pens usually cost between $20 and $200, making them more affordable compared to portable and desktop units.


Palm-sized, stealthy, and surprisingly powerful, portable vaporizers offer excellent hits without sacrificing the ability to relax on-the-go. These pocket-friendly devices may be compact, but they harness the power to deliver potent, flavor-rich vapor. Completely cordless, they can be carried anywhere with no hassle. Finding a middle ground between desktop and vape pen, the portable vaporizer combines advanced features, powerful heating and portability to fit relaxation into the busy modern lifestyle.

Portables are usually compatible with dry herb, though certain units like the Boundless Tera, Firefly 2, and PAX 3 work with both plant matter and concentrates. In most cases, the user simply places a concentrate insert into the herb chamber with a bit of wax or oil soaked into it. These devices feature temperature control, so you can choose the best temp for your favorite strains, oils, and vapor profiles. While most offer a number of presets, others are more advanced with precision temperature control. This allows you to zero in on a specific degree of temperature. You can target the temp at which your favorite compound is extracted, or at which your preferred cloud profile is created. Thick, thin, flavorful, potent--all is possible with precision temperature.

Available in a variety of styles, there is a portable vaporizer for everyone. Favorites like the PAX 3 and Firefly 2 offer advanced heating, mobile-app controls, and sleek, functional designs that are perfect for portable vaping. Large-and-in-charge models like the Mighty by Storz and Bickel offer the kind of clean, pure, and potent vapor you'd expect from a desktop vaporizer. Whether you need a super compact unit for vaping on-the-fly, or a larger, more powerful device that delivers exceptional vapor, there is a plethora of options on the table.


Boasting the mightiest heating systems in the vaping world, desktop units deliver the highest quality vapor possible. They may not be portable, but they make up for their stationary design with vapor that maintains fidelity to the natural flavors, aromas, and effects of dry herb with zero combustion. It's all in the power source. Rather than rely on batteries, desktop vaporizers are powered by wall outlets, giving them more strength to devote to heating, temperature control, and continuous vaping.

Most desktop vaporizers are equipped with convection heating, vaporizing herb with hot air rather than hot surfaces. This minimizes combustion to ensure the purest vapor. Whereas conduction only vaporizes material that makes contact with the hot surfaces of the chamber, convection touches more surface area, extracting more flavors, aromas, and effects. For this reason, desktop vapes are the natural choice for medicinal users, as well as connoisseurs who seek the essential benefits of dry herb through true vaporization.

Desktop vaporizers generally come in two styles: Whip and balloon. Whip-style vaporizers feature a long, silicone tube through which vapor travels from the herb chamber to the user's mouth. By extending the vapor path, whip vaporizers give vapor more time to cool off, delivering smoother rips. Balloon-style units fill plastic balloons with vapor, which can be consumed through a mouthpiece in the balloon. This is a semi-portable method that allows you to carry your vapor around the house. Vapor will last for hours inside the balloon, allowing you to sip from it throughout your day. Desktop vaporizers are the best choice for those who want the best vapor quality, and who don't mind enjoying it at home.


On many levels, vaporization is a better alternative to smoking. It's stealthy, safer, more convenient, and more effective than lighting up. While some prefer the robust rips produced by a cigarette or pipe, those who seek the essential flavors, aromas, and benefits of dry herb, concentrates, and eliquid turn to vaporizers. Rather than cook material, these devices find the sweet spot just beneath the point of burning, making the most of your material for a more potent pull. There are three main areas in which vaping is better than smoking: Stealthiness, safety and potency.


Unlike smoke, vapor won't leave odors or stains, nor will it upset those around you. It disappears instantly and without a trace. This enables users to enjoy vapor from nearly anywhere without causing a nuisance like smoke can. Vaporizers also heat quickly--some within 5 seconds--enabling you to take quick hits on-the-fly. At night, taking a hit won't give you away like a lighter will. And since vaporizers don't get hot like a cigarette or bowl, you can swiftly pocket the device and go about your day. Many turn to vaping because it can be enjoyed on-the-go without drawing attention to them. The overall experience is much stealthier than smoking.


Vaporizers are thought to be 95% less harmful than smoking. This is thanks to their heating systems, which carefully heat material without burning it. More of the naturally occurring compounds found in dry herb are extracted, and none of the material is incinerated. The resulting vapor is free of irritants and full of effects. One particular study shows that that 95% of vapor is made up of compounds found in herb, while 88% of smoke consists of non-compounds, many of which are added toxins. Unlike a lit cigarette or pipe, a vaporizer won't cause a fire. You can pocket the device right after use with no fire risk.


On average, vapor consists mostly of compounds while most smoke is made up of the harmful by-products of combustion. Instead of incinerating material, vaporizers pinpoint the ideal temperature for activating compounds, releasing more effects with less waste. What's more, many devices feature precision temperature, allowing users to zero in on the sweet spot at which their favorite compound is fully extracted. The resulting experience is much more relaxing, enjoyable, and therapeutic than smoking.


Designed to do what smoking does but better, vaporizers provide an easy, efficient, and safe way to inhale the compounds found in dry herb, concentrates, and other materials. This is a matter of temperature. While an open flame torches material at upwards of 1000F, vaporizers can heat at the best temperature for unlocking compounds from dry herb (347F), as well as any temperature beneath or below it. Each device achieves vaporization through conduction, convection, or a hybrid combination of both.


Most vaporizers utilize conduction heating, a method that heats dry herb against a heating element. In most cases, herb is loaded into a chamber that is heated to the chosen temperature. Material is cooked against the surfaces of the chamber, vaporizing in seconds. During this process, air within the chamber heats, promoting thorough vaporization. Conduction heats herb faster than convection, which is ideal for those who like quick hits. Convection, on the other hand, delivers purer vapor, making it a favorite for connoisseurs.


Convection is a more advanced heating style. It heats air before sending it shooting through the herb chamber. The hot air makes contact with every exposed millimeter of surface area, gradually spreading to the core of the herb nuggets. This heating method is more thorough than conduction, though it generally takes somewhat longer to vaporize materials. Herb is not cooked against the hot surfaces of the chamber, causing combustion. Instead, material is heated beneath the point of combustion to produce Convection vaporizers produce extremely pure, potent vapor.


One of the most important aspects of a vaporizer is its chamber. The size, design, and material used play an integral role in deciding how vapor will taste, feel, and even smell. Chambers come in a variety of materials, but the top three are ceramic, quartz, and aluminum. Each offers its own set of advantages. When seeking a vaporizer, it's necessary to consider what the chamber is made of, and what it will offer you. No matter what level of flavor, potency, or density you seek, there's a chamber type for every vaping style.


For those who live fast and vape even faster, ceramic chambers heat up in no time. They also get hotter faster, delivering robust hits. But that doesn't mean ceramic can't deliver great flavor, too. The inert nature of ceramic ensures that no unwanted tastes or odors are added to vapor. As the chamber heats, it won't change chemically, displaying the true flavor of dry herb. Ceramic chambers are the most common in the industry for a reason. They deliver great purity with a fast heat up time.


Far more thermal-resistant than glass, quartz is the best material for extracting the natural flavors of dry herb and wax concentrates. Quartz can withstand extreme temperatures without changing chemically. That's why many of today's enails and wax pens feature quartz heating elements. Because quartz is resistant to high temperatures, it's less likely to crack, ensuring longer lasting performance. Quartz is most commonly found in wax vaporizer chambers, also known as atomizers. Perfect for low temp heating, quartz extracts great flavor and effects from wax without burning any of the material.


Some chambers are made of aluminum, a highly conductive metal that vaporizes dry herb with a fair amount of efficiency. A downside to aluminum is its reactive nature. Exposure to high heat can extract metallic odors and tastes, adulterating your vapor. That said, aluminum heats very quickly, delivering big rips on-the-fly. If you want a streamlined vaping experience, aluminum is the way to go. But if you value vapor quality over all else, a ceramic chamber is best. It will heat nearly as fast while delivering silkier rips.


There are a few key factors to consider when finding a vaporizer that perfectly accommodates your lifestyle. Design, battery life, functionality, price, and warranty all figure in. Does the device fit in your pocket? Does it vaporize the material you prefer? Will it last throughout the day without charging? Does it fit in your budget, and if it breaks, will the manufacturer replace it free of charge? Asking such questions will ensure you bring home the best vaping experience possible.


If you're a commuter, you're going to need a pocket-friendly device. Portable vaporizers and vape pens are two styles to consider. They're generally compact, fitting easily in your pocket or bag. They can also be used in a stealthy way, with the device hidden in your grip. Both devices heat rapidly for on-the-fly hits. You can enjoy vapor in short windows of opportunity and carry on. For homebodies, a desktop vaporizer is ideal. These larger, plug-in devices may not be portable, but they harness much more power, delivering the utmost vapor quality. Table top units sit stationary on a surface where they can be inhaled from via whip tubing or balloon bags. Evaluating your lifestyle, and deciding what size vaporizer will mesh well with your day-to-day routine will help narrow down which type of device is best for you.


A vaporizer's battery plays a major role in its performance. A battery's power is generally measured in milliamps (mAh), and the stronger a unit's mAh, the better. A powerful battery will not only last longer, it will have a larger temperature range and faster heat up. Choosing a vaporizer with a removable battery will enable continuous vaping, since you can swap out a dead battery for a fresh one in seconds. Likewise, a vaporizer with pass-through functionality will enable you to vape even while charging. Most vaporizers feature USB connections so you can charge up from multiple power sources in a speedy manner.


Making sure your vaporizer is compatible with the materials you prefer is essential. While some units have dual or even triple functionality, most only work with one type of material. If you want to vape more than just one material from a single device, you'll want to find a vaporizer that does both well. Devices generally feature temperature control for managing the size, flavor-level, and potency of vapor. Most feature preset temperatures optimized for the most popular vaping styles and materials, while more advanced devices offer precision temperature, allowing you to pinpoint an exact degree.


If a manufacturer offers a warranty, they trust their product. The longer the warranty, the higher the quality of the device. There will be fewer malfunctions, and when there are, the device will be replaced free of charge. You can bet that the vaporizer was manufactured under higher standards with premium materials and engineering. It's always better to secure your future by finding a vaporizer that is protected by warranty. Most warrantied devices are covered for the first year, but others offer longer protection. Some even boast lifetime warranties.


In general, you get what you pay for in the vaporizer world. Expensive vaporizers usually feature better functionality, design, and performance than cheaper units. Investing in a pricier device may cost more, but it will promise a better vaping experience in the future. That said, there are a number of affordable and mid-range devices that offer satisfying vapor. Vaporizers are priced from around $20 to $500. The most affordable units are generally vape pens, while the most expensive are desktop vaporizers.